Some fun facts from the world of lotteries


Lottery is a game of unexpected twists and surprises, and that is one reason people love it so much. But there are certain unexpected things that are not that pleasant, yet, they might be quite important or interesting despite of that.

Some fun facts from the world of lotteries

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Is lottery the game of the poor?

Some might suppose that lottery is popular among those people who can actually afford to pay for something that offers such a small chance of winning, perhaps as a kind of pastime activity or fun, but in fact, according to a research by the Duke University, the half of all lottery tickets are bought by those who belong to the poorest third of society. This might be because lottery games are highly advertised in low income neighborhoods, but there are probably some people who trust in their luck when trying to get out of their current life situation. Additionally, according to the NC Policy Watch, the most lottery tickets are bought in the poorest countries. And in fact, there are also some people who live in poverty, and regularly try to collect lottery tickets in the garbage in the hopes of finding ones that'll win. Actually, there were some people who got fairly big prizes this way.


Lottery winners can be too generous

People suppose that lottery winners will mostly go and spend their money on all the things that they had always wished for, but in fact - while it can sometimes be true - most lottery winners loose most of their money not because they buy too many things for themselves, but because they're too generous. Some might offer parts of their money for charity, but it's more usual to donate it to friends, family members and ones who are close to them.

Mustang lottery

In some parts of the US, the populations of mustangs exceed the volumes that are considered acceptable, and these are the times when they might be rounded up. Sometimes the animals can be bought, but there's also a mustang lottery where a draw decides who the owner of the horse will be. It was a mustang lottery like this where the famous horseman, Monty Roberts won the exact same young mustang that he had worked with in the wild previously. His adventures with the animal named Shy Boy were shown in a film, and a book was also written about them.


Voltaire had his own method of winning

The French writer teamed up with the mathematician Charles Marie de La Condamine to discover the weaknesses of the national lottery, and in fact, they did succeed. They discovered that all the tickets that were in circulation together did worth less than the prize. Knowing this, the writer and the mathematician soon won considerable amounts of money. This actually helped the writer to concentrate merely on literature for a while.

Half of the winners live their life as before

Many players keep thinking about the ways the top prize could change their lives, but in fact, most of the actual winners tend to be less bold in real life than they probably were in their imagination. Half of them doesn't even quit the previous job, and keep on working as they did before.


The jackpot will not make anyone happy - not for a longer term at least

Winning the lottery can be both a shocking and happy event in the lives of the winners, but after the first thrill, they usually start to go back to their previous emotional state. Money will not make anyone happy on the long term, because they will start to get used to their new circumstances, and additional improvement is always needed to keep up happiness in life. In other words, their new life becomes the new normal for them, and they start wishing for additional money and wealth after a while. If we hope happiness from money, we're surely wrong - this attitude will only leave us longing for more, and the greediness only stops when we start to pay attention to other values in our lives as well.

Some people are just strangely lucky

While most of us would be glad to win the jackpot, or even a bigger prize even just once in our lives, some people tend to be just awkwardly lucky. For example, a professor in mathematics somehow managed to win 5,5, then 2, 3, and finally 10 million dollars on lottery. This means that he had incredible luck four times when playing this game.

Death penalty, as a top prize

There were undoubtedly some strange ideas and habits in the ancient Rome, one of which was to offer bees, wasps, dead animals and even death penalties as top prizes on the lottery. It was a young - and due to his assassination, short-lived - emperor called Elagabalus who thought that it was a good idea to offer these cruel prizes. The prizes were thrown into the crowd using a catapult, and if you started wondering why was there a crowd in the first place if the prizes were so unpleasant, then you will probably understand it instantly when we tell you that the emperor did force people to take part in his strange game.

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